Private Instruction

Burns It Up offers private instruction for Piano, Voice, Acting, and Audition Coaching in the home of Karen Burns. On-location instruction available for an additional travel fee.

Karen’s been teaching music for 11 years and dance for 17 years. She studied piano privately from a Julliard professor while growing up and continued as much as possible in college. Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, plus has slowly pursued a degree in music performance since moving to Arizona 11 years ago. For voice, Karen studied in college and studied opera for the technique while living in New York. Musical Theatre is her personal preference for singing and teaching. She worked professionally as a dancer, singer, actor in New York and Los Angeles for approximately 10 years.

In teaching voice, Karen’s focus is on breathing techniques, opening and bringing the voice forward. Primarily, she finds teaching an individual to like the voice they’ve been given and how to confidently let it out to be the most productive. For actor’s who sing, Karen works on the song as a monologue and approaches the lesson looking for the character behind the song. Some of her students have gone on to professional work in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Japan as well as competing and placing very highly on the national level.

Piano and Voice Instruction

Some things to know:

Tuition Policies: Tuition is based on a 4 lesson month. If there are 5 lesson days during the month then we take the 5th one off. Tuition is due on the last lesson of the month for the subsequent month. For example: September tuition is due on the last lesson of August.

Make-up Policies: One make-up lesson per month will be permitted with 24 hours notice given to me by telephone at home or on my cell phone. No make-up lessons will be given for day-of cancellations, missed lessons without 24-hour notice will be forfeited. You may be dropped from lessons if you NO-SHOW/NO-CALL twice. I will do my very best to communicate my schedule with you and if I mess up I will make it up to you.

Rates: The following rates apply to the first family member. Discounts are available for additional family members, i.e., siblings, parents.

  • ½ hour lesson $80 per month
  • 45 min lesson $120 per month
  • 1 hour lesson $160 per month

Recitals: There are at least 2 recitals per year in December and June. Due to the efforts required for the recital, generally December and June are 3 lessons plus the recital (sometimes there are exceptions to this!) Tuition remains the same.

Practice guidelines: For beginning students strive to practice 3 times per week for 15 minutes. By the end of the first year you should be practicing 5 times per week for 30 minutes. As 2 years approach it is time to be practicing 1 hour a day 5 times per week. After 2 years – it’s whatever it takes to get it right. Practice what is hard for you more than what is easy for you.